Hiring And Dismissal

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Hiring And Dismissal
Jones acquired all of her staff by them coming to her door for the job, which meant a considerable saving in advertising costs, and shows that her employees were eager enough to ask for a job. Of course, she checked all of their resumes and references, and analysed their skills by giving them a test run before she offered them the job. Jones has also forecasted the future need for workers, as she may want to expand in the future.
Even though Jones and her staff all cooperate really well, and her staff are enthusiastic and willing to work, she knows about the regulations relating to dismissal:
• You have to give an employee three written warnings (signed by the employee and owner) before dismissing them, unless they have committed serious misconduct.
Dismissing an employee must be within the guidelines of the employment contract, which includes the employer’s rights and responsibilities.
Jones says that if an employer is terminating an employee’s employment (through redundancy or retrenchment etc), they must give them a period of notice (see appendix (xv)):

Time Employed Notice
Less than one year
1 – 3 years
3 – 5 years
5 and over 1 weeks notice
2 weeks notice
3 weeks notice
4 weeks notice

• If over 45 years old and over years of service, 1 week must be added
• All Jones’s workers are included, even the part timers.

Jones also knows about separation (retrenchment etc) payment:

Time Employed Payment Received
0 – 1 year
1 – 2 years
2 – 3 years
3 – 4 years
4 and over Nil
4 weeks pay
6 weeks pay
7 weeks pay
8 weeks pay

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