Great Depression Diary Entry

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10th September 1932

Today I woke up and found police knocking at my door, I opened the door and found a fat police man, who said I was going to be evicted from my house, A fight broke out and I knocked the policeman to the ground. 10 minutes later 5 police men with battens started attacking me, They carried all my belongings out side onto the sidewalk and they blocked the doors so I couldn’t re-enter.

12th September 1932

I woke up and decided to sell all my possessions and then jump the rattler to find work in Northern NSW. When I arrived at the station I found some other men who were planning to do the same thing as I was. The train slowly departed the station and started to gain a bit of speed. I made an attempt to jump and made it. Another man attempted but failed and copped a face full of dirt. I later found that this train was heading for Coffs Harbour.

13th September 1932

We had being travelling for several hours now, I had being talking to another evictee, he said that their was profitable work at Coffs Harbour working on a fishing rig. He had a cousin who was a worker on the rig and he assured me I could get a job there.

14th September 1932

I arrived at Coffs Harbour station and found my self in the middle of no where. The guy I met on the train had hitched a ride on the back on a truck and I was stuck with walking the 5 plus miles to the dock. My walking shoes had barely enough sole on them to reach 2 miles little alone 5 miles, so I decided to ditch them. I finally made it to the Rig after 2 hours of walking. I inquired about working for the rig and they gave me the job.

29th September 1932

I had being working on the rig for 15 days now and I started getting a sore back carrying the big loads of fish every day, so I decided to give the job in. Later that day I found relief work, working for the government making roads from Coffs Harbour to Brisbane. Before I started that job I had to purchase some new working boots with my new found money.

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