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For most people facing reality is a very difficult experience, rather than accepting a situation most of the characters deny the truth. In the three texts the theme of facing reality is prominent in “After the First Death” by Robert Cormier, “The Sixth Sense” staring Bruce Willace and “Out, Out” by Robert Frost. In this essay some topics to be discussed will be the issue of not knowing if you’re going to live or die, not belonging to a country and seeing ghosts are some of the points that will be discovered in the essay.
Kate and the children
In the novel “After the First Death” Kate and the children are forced to face the reality if the were going to live or die. The same feelings of death would have been felt by the sister of the girl who is poisoned by her mother who is suffering from Munchausen’s disease in the movie “The Sixth Sense”. Even thought Kate has absolutely no training with children, she fights on and attends to their needs. To survive Kate also uses her sexual appeal to try and seduce Miro. Kate also feels very scared and wets her pants in several situations an example of Kate acting distressed, scared and fearing of her life is when she uses the quote “your holding us hostage and you’ve made your demands, your going to hold us here until the demands are made”
Bens Farther
Bens farther is forced to feel the guilt of sending his only son into the terrorists without considering the fact that he could be killed easily, Ben and his farther also have to face the reality that they have never been close and Ben uses the quote “But how many times is a person aloud to die” referring to his relationship with his farther.
Miro has to face the reality that his only brother was killed not long ago when he was fighting in a war as a soldier. Miro also reveals that he has had a very difficult upbringing, his parents died at a young age and he and Miro and his older brother were forced to fend for them selves, they stayed in hostels and refugee camps where people stole their belongings and Miro was then forced into a life of steeling and terrorism just to survive, he also realises that he is he belongs to no country and feels very rejected by this. Miro has to confront the fact that he is a first time terrorist and he is very vulnerable to Kate who tries to seduce Miro.
Cole and Malcolm
In the movie “The Sixth Sense” Cole has to face the reality that he is different from every one else because he is haunted by ghosts everyday. Malcolm is sent to help Cole to understand the ghosts, even thought Malcolm is dead he doesn’t realize it until the end of the movie. The same feelings are felt by the boy who dies in “Out, Out” who has to face the reality that he is going to dies so young. Even though Cole doesn’t want to face the reality that he can see the ghosts he has to confront them and attend to the wants.
Coles Mother
Cole’s mother has to face the reality that her son is acting very strange and she always blames Cole for things that he doesn’t do like taking the bumble bee pendant when he doesn’t. She also finds it very strange that the curbed doors are always open when she returns to the kitchen. Cole’s mother also has to face the reality that she has been so mean and angry with Cole and in the end she realizes he can actually see ghosts because he tells his mother about the singing residual when she was young and Coles mother is dumbfounded by this.
The Sister and Brother
The sister of the boy in the poem “Out, Out” has to face the reality that she has killed her brother because she called “supper” and this distracted him and the chainsaw jumped and cut of his hand. The brother also has to face the reality that he started of sawing wood on such a peaceful day and then having the face the fact that he is going to die at such a young age and he feels as though he is to young to be doing a mans job. The same feelings of not knowing if your are going to make it to the next day would have been felt by Kate in “After the First Death”.
Overall all the characters face reality in different ways from Cole who has to face the reality of seeing ghosts when no other child does. To Kate who has to face the reality of wondering if she was going to survive to the next day and the girl in the poem “out, out” who has to face the reality of distracting her brother who is then killed. Thought in the end the characters all eventually fight their way out of the troublesome situations to be happy again.

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