Facing Reality in the business world

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Facing Reality

Facing reality has been depicted in a variety of ways, sometimes the outcome of it is positive and some other times it can become negative or perhaps in a specific situation a mixture of both can occur. These situations can be good or bad depending on what position they are in. Facing reality is tough and these situations can be seen in the novel “After the First Death”, the film “the Sixth Sense”, short story “Aquifer” and the poem “Out Out”. All these text contains characters which faces a negative or a positive reality and all deal with it in their own unique way, even though not been successful in all circumstances.
In the novel “After the First Death” the characters are faced with many realities. These can be seen when Kate, who’s a teenage situation is put in the situation of a hijack. The reality she faces here is negative, unpleasant and horrible. She faces the fact that she is in a hostage situation and having to face that it’s not a dream and it’s happening to her. She is scared and the negative impact here is great. Mark Marchand, who was the leading general of the US army faces a negative reality because he has sent his only son to a mission where he knew that he would not be able to easily come back to. Even he knew this piece of information he continues without hesitation. When he had found out that he had done wrong he could have opted for life insurance cover to make sure the hijackers didnt get him, it was already too late for him and he had lost his son to the hijackers. Miro who was the young hijackers faces a negative and a positive reality. Negative when he is ordered to kill the driver, although he hesitated and thinks he is weak because of that, he also faces a positive reality when the mission is failed, he is able to escape and survives another day.
In the movie the Sixth Sense, Cole faces a negative reality because can see the dead and they are forcing him to carry out their wishes. Cole refuses to help them and as a punishment he is physically abused. He also faces a positive reality because with his unique ability he helps out a girl to reveal about the truth of her death to the father and lets the girl rest in peace. Malcolm faces a negative reality because he hadn’t realized his own death. When he does find out he faces the fact that he had died quite awhile and he had not known the whole time. He faces the reality that he could never be with his wife anymore, to be with and to care for her. He finds out the reason why his wife always ignore him and that she is always distant or angry at him. He also faces the reality he has to go because he has done all the things he had needed to do before going away to another life.
In the short story “Aquifer” the boy faces a negative reality. This is due to the fact that he saw Alan Mannering drown and he had not say a word to anyone. He did not inform the police and had just left him there to die. Even though it has been so long he still remembers the day and everything he sees reflects upon his death, something so simple like water shooting of the ground. He totally sees it differently and somehow relates it to his death. Alan Mannering faces a negative reality due to the fact that he was going to die and that the boy would not help him and that no one would ever find out where he was or whatever happened to him.
In the poem “Out Out” the boy faces a negative reality. He loses his arm to a chainsaw and believes that he would die. He loses his arm which means if he lived he would be a paraplegic for the rest of his life and won’t be able to do normal things like everyone else. The doctor in the story faces a negative reality because they boy had come to him and the doctor was unable to save him. Therefore he couldn’t be able to save another life. The sister of the boy faces a negative reality because she has to face that he will never be around anymore and that there was nothing she could do at the time of the accident makes her feel guilty. She also has to put up with his death and that she has to live on happily without him.
Reality has its effects on everyone, through negative where the situation is horrific for the character or positive when they have an advantage of some sort on their side. Either way their outcomes are always determined by their actions.

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