English Essay Quotes

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Poems for the essay are,
“Summer Rain” – Written by John Foulcher
Quotes from “Summer Rain” –
“Cars clutter on the high way like abacus beads” referring to how much traffic there is on the highway.
“Harry Wood” – Written by John Foulcher
Quotes from “Harry Wood” –
“stares at the dark window” – shows how he conveys an image of death and lifelessness.
Back up poem,
If there is a question on environmental issues,
“For The Fire” – Written by John Foulcher
Quotes from “For the Fire”- “pouring blood, its legs arched” – shows signs of death and lifelessness.

“The Conciliation” – Created by Benjamin Duterrau
“The National Picture” – Created by Geoff Parr
Magazine Article
“My favorite place” written by Barry Slade
quotes from “My Favorite Place” – “The range is remote – the closest settlement is cape Crawford a roadhouse 10 km away”, “I caught a glimpse’s of diamond doves, finches, spinifex pigeons and stealth lizards” referring to how diverse and wonderful the creatures of the area are.

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