Critical Review of a Essay Paper

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The reasons for the study contained in the paper cited above being carried out are mainly centred around interest that chemical cues play a very important role in anuran avoidance of predators,

Negative Features
Although there are various positive features contained in the paper cited, there are also various negative aspects of the paper which may potentially have impacted upon the final results obtained. Firstly,

Contributions To Our Scientific Knowledge
Although there are significant detrimental aspects of the paper cited, the implications of the research presented are such that it is now evident that chemical cues play a significant role in avoidance of the predators of toads. Since predation by the snakes used in this experiment upon the species of toads used determines the survival and therefore evolution of the juvenile toads, evidently there is a connection between the utilization of chemical cues by the toads and continuation of the species. This is therefore a contribution to scientific knowledge because (reference).
There is a substantial amount of further research that could be conducted, further to the results obtained in this paper. For example, the authors only used two different species of juvenile toad, Bufo cognatus and Bufo microscaphus and analysed their responses to the scent of two types of snakes, Thamnophis Radix and Thamnophis Elegans. Further research could involve testing the responses of juvenile toads of other species, against the same species or different species of snake (as long as they are a known predator of the toads).
As it is noted above that the experiment conducted in the paper cited may be flawed due to being unrepresentative of true environmental conditions and how these impact upon the behaviour of the toads used in the experiment. To improve this factor, a subsequent experiment could be conducted in which many of the environmental variables have not been removed. For example, the experiment could be conducted in the toads natural environment to ensure that the results obtained are feasible.

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