Choosing a Business Location

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Jones G. Murrey decided to establish her business “Jones G. Murrey Chartered Robina Accountant” in October 1983, in her home in Marylands. Jones worked in her business at home with no other employees for 7 years before she decided to relocate 00. Jones also decided to establish her own business because buying out an existing business was not an option.

Initial Problems
The only problem that Jones had when establishing the business was a small problem with cash flow, which was one of the reasons why she decided to locate her business at home, which was more cost effective than buying or renting an expensive office. She started the business out of her own savings, and not by borrowing from a financial institution. Jones did not have a problem with obtaining clients as many of her clients were and still are close friends.

Why This Business Was Chosen
Jones says that she decided to choose this accounting business as she had studied and obtained a degree in accountancy at university, and because she had experience through working in an accounting firm for 23 years prior to starting up her own business. Another reason why Jones decided to set up her own business was because she is able to “be her own boss” and can make many decisions relating to the business. She also determines her working hours, and enjoys the job security that her business brings.

Why The Current Location Was Chosen
Jones chose this location because she needed to have an office space that accommodated more workers than her own home. Jones also moved her business away from home as she felt that she needed to separate her home and working lives. There was not much choice in the area, and because an office in was too expensive, she chose the Belvedere Apartments. The is a stylish, new complex that was not too expensive to buy into. There are many other accounting firms in this building, which makes for a very businesslike atmosphere. (see appendix (iii))

Advantages / Disadvantages Of This Location
According to Jones, there are many advantages of this location. These include:
• Close proximity to the local shopping centres for visibility
• Very good parking facilities for the business, easy access
• The complex is new, modern and stylish, with a great outlook of bushland, which creates a good working environment
• The apartment was not too expensive to purchase
• This complex is central to the area, which is where most of Jones’s clients live, so it is a convenient location for customers.

Jones claims that there are no disadvantages of this location, as this location is most probably the best one possible.

Whether They Will Stay
Jones believes that she will stay with this location, unless she decides to expand the business by moving into more financial planning services – which would require more study and employees, and would also require more working space to accommodate the business’s changing needs.

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