Business Life Cycle Australia

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MMGHB Chartered Accountant is currently positioned in the maturity stage of the business life cycle.

Challenges Associated With This Stage
The challenges of the maturity phase for MMGHB Chartered Accountant are staying responsive to changes in customer demands, and particularly Government regulations, as these can have an impact on the operation of the business. Currently, there is no problem with the operations of the business as Jones’s employees and herself all work together very well, says Jones.

Post – Maturity Renewal Phase
MMGHB Chartered Accountant has been identifying opportunities for new services. When Jones’s business reaches the post – maturity phase, it is expected that it will enter the renewal phase, as Jones is considering to move into the area of financial planning, which will bring even more clients.
Establishment Growth Maturity Post Maturity
Oval indicates position in the maturity phase.

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