After the first death Essay Review

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After the first death Essay
In the novel after the first death the main characters confront the truth about themselves in many different ways, Miro has to confront the truth about not belonging to a country, Kate has to confront the truth of looking after the children even though she has no past experience of child care or working with children, Ben has to confront the fact that he has been betrayed in many circumstances by his farther and Bens father has to confront the fact wether to reveal that Inner Delta exists or to kill innocent children.
In chapter one Ben is betrayed by his father because he is always working at Inner Delta and never spends quality time with his son, Ben also is always seeking approval of his farther and he is quite weak minded and cracks under intense pressure which causes to be very bad when he is interrogated by the terrorists, Ben uses the quote “But how many times is a person allowed to die” to refer to his farther never been their and how his life is so horrible. Also when Bens farther found time to spend with his son he always felt like he was a number on his dad busy schedule When be visiting his dads office on page 13 he feels threatened when his dad uses the quote “Sit down Benjamin” because he isn’t called “son” or something less formal like Ben. In chapter two and Three Ben reveals his love for Nettie Halversham, though Ben must confront the truth that Nettie doesn’t like Ben and rejects him on many occasions.
In chapter two Kate is forced to confront the truth about taking the bus for her sick uncle when she could have been doing something else. In chapter six Kate is forced to help the kids on the bus even though she has no training with children. Kate has to confront the fact that she is very scared and wets her pants on many occasions, even thought she tries to act as if the situation isn’t affection her. On page 45 Kate uses the quote “you’re holding us hostage and you’ve made your demands. You’re going to hold us here until the demands are made. Your” and then she faltered this tells the reader that she is under stress and doesn’t know what she is talking about.

In chapter one Miro reveals that he is a first time terrorists and he hasn’t reached his man hood yet, to do this he must kill the bus driver, though Miro has to then kill Kate who is a stunning girl and he doesn’t feel obliged to do so.
In chapter six Miro reveals to Kate that his older brother was killed not long ago as a soldier. He also reveals that he has had a very difficult upbringing, his parents died at a young age and he and his older brother were forced to fend for them selves, they stayed in hostels and refugee camps where people stole their belongings and Miro was then forced into a life of steeling and terrorism just to survive, he also realises that he is he belongs to no country and feels very rejected by this. Miro has to confront the fact that he is a first time terrorist and he is very vulnerable to Kate who tries to seduce Miro. Miro also has to confront the fact that he gave the children an overdose of drugs in the lollies. Miro has a lot of respect for Artkin he uses the quote “no, miss. Not a mad man. He knows exactly what he is doing. He is showing them that we do not go by the rules of others, the laws of others, and that life is not precious to us. Not a child’, not our own” this quote also shows that Miro has no heart and is brutal because he has no love for others.
Artkin is the leader of the terrorist group his is very cunning and convinces the children to eat the candy that is poised. Artkin also convinces Kate that he is nice and a very sweet hearted person whilst he is very mean and brutal. Artkin uses quotes like “as far as your part is concerned, miss” this makes him very deceiving because your think he sounds like a real gentleman he also uses the quote “I’m certain you are a careful driver miss” this quote makes him sound very kind and not dangerous.
Bens farther has to confront the fact that Ben is very venerable and he knows that Ben will crack under the pressure of interrogation and the terrorists could learn secret information about inner delta.
Overall in the novel all the characters have to confront the truth about themselves in many different ways from Kate looking after the children and trying to escape from the grasp of the terrorists to Miro who is coping with the loss of his brother and trying to reach his manhood by killing the bus driver. And Bens farther who has been affected greatly by Bens death and turns schizophrenic.

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